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Student Resources


Confidentiality Statement

Any information of a personal nature disclosed by a student in the process of counseling is confidential. However, while maintaining the anonymity of the student, matters of health, life, and safety may be discussed with the Principal and/or appropriate member (s) of the Administration. In addition, California State Law specifies six exceptions to this understanding of confidentiality: · Discussions with licensed physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists or other health care providers for the sole purpose of referring the student for treatment. · Reporting child abuse as required by law. · Reporting information to the principal or parents when the counselor has reasonable cause to believe that disclosure is necessary to avert a clear and imminent danger to the health, safety, or welfare of the student or others. · Reporting information to persons outside the school when a student indicates that a crime involving the likelihood of significant personal injury or significant property losses will be or has been committed. · Reporting to one or more specific persons in a written waiver after this waiver has been read and signed by the student and preserved in the student’s counseling file. · Disclosing confidential information when ordered to do so by a court of law.

College Applications


The sequence of mandatory testing at Cristo Rey High School is as follows: 

Grade LevelTest
9th GradeEXPLORE
10th GradePreACT
11th GradePSAT in the fall
SAT and ACT in the spring
12th GradeSAT and ACT in the fall



Naviance, also known as Family Connection, is a powerful, comprehensive online program that is used by Cristo Rey students and school counselors to help students plan for college and careers. The School Counseling Department strongly advises you to become familiar with the many resources available through Naviance. There are many great features that can help guide students through career exploration and college searches. It is a great tool for everything from personality inventories and career exploration to college research. Additionally, you can begin to organize for college applications. Every school year counselors will do a minimum of two Naviance workshops with every student, but feel free to do some exploring on your own.


Tutoring Services

Tutoring Form

Transcript Requests

Current Students:

Request your transcript from Mrs. Elsa in the Counseling Center.


Please fill out and submit the  transcript request form. Official transcripts are $5.00 each.


Please allow at least 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) for all transcript requests.

Transcripts will not be processed during non-school days.

Graduation Requirements

Coming Soon!!