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Board of Directors

2022 – 2023 Member Board

  • Robert C. Cook, Jr. – Chair, Board of Directors
  • Rev. Edwin B. Harris, S.J. - Jesuit West and Corporate Member Representative
  • Sister Regina Ward, RSM - MESA Staff and Corporate Member Representative

2022 – 2023 Board of Directors

  • Karen Azama-Kilhara, Pharm. D. 
  • Tim Baskerville
  • Tracy Beckwith - Past Chair
  • Sister Sheila Browne, RSM
  • Robert C. Cook, Jr. - Chair
  • Betty Diepenbrock - Secretary
  • Fr. Ed Harris, S.J. – Sponsor Representative
  • Jay Heckenlively 
  • Matt Jaime
  • Michael M. Knittel
  • Tim Lien
  • Mike Marino
  • Gloria Naify
  • David Perry, Ed. D. – Ex-Officio
  • Margo Reid Brown - Vice Chair
  • Joe Riehl
  • Cathy Rodriguez Aguirre
  • Syreeta Ross
  • Ermelinda Ruiz Moretti 
  • Scott Sadler 
  • Gary Sparks - Treasurer
  • David Tooley
  • Hendry Ton, MD

Emeritus Directors

  • Jim Cuneo
  • Jeff Holden
  • Thomas A. Johnson
  • Fred Taugher

Front Row (L to R):  Paul McClure, Patrice Coyle, David Perry, Sister Sheila Browne, RSM, Paul Merchant, and Fr. Edwin B. Harris, SJ.
Middle Row (L to R): Jan Scully, Patricia Farley, Chris Wagner, Matt Jaime, and Tracy Beckwith
Back Row (L to R): Luis Kischmischian, Bob Cook Jr., Tim Lien, Terry Street, and Gary Sparks
 Not Pictured:  Betty Diepenbrock, Gloria Naify, Megan Vincent, and Garry Westover

As of 1/1/2021