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Core & Elective Curriculum

(40 credits)
English 9English 10American LiteratureEnglish 12 or AP Language & Composition
(30 credits)
Spanish 1Spanish 2Spanish 3 or AP Spanish Language and CultureAP Language & Composition
(40 credits)
Algebra 1Geometry or Algebra 2Algebra 2 or Pre-CalculusPre-Calculus or Calculus or Data Science
Social Studies
(30 credits)

World HistoryUS HistoryEconomics / U.S. Government
Religious Studies
(40 credits)
Theology 9 - Intro to the Bible Theology 9 - Who is Jesus ChristTheology 10 - The Church Theology 10 - The Paschal MysteryTheology 11 - The New Testament Theology 11 - Introduction to the SacramentsTheology 12 -Catholic Moral Teaching Theology 12 -Catholic Social Teaching
(40 credits)
General ScienceBiologyChemistry or Honors ChemistryConceptual Physics or Honors Physics or Anatomy & Physiology
P.E. / Health
(10 credits)
P.E. / Health

(10 credits)

Studio Art
Work Study
(40 credits)
Work StudyWork StudyWork StudyWork Study

Requirements for Diploma, Baccalaureate Liturgy and Graduation Ceremony

To be eligible to graduate and receive a diploma from Cristo Rey High School Sacramento and participate in Baccalaureate Liturgy and Graduation ceremony, students must fulfill all of the following requirements:

  • Earn passing grades (A, B, C, or D) in all Cristo Rey High School academic courses or courses at other institutions with approval from Cristo Rey High School Principal.
  • Complete all requirements of the curriculum with 24 academic credits and 40 Work Study credits
  • Complete all requirements of Cristo Rey High School Work Study Program.
  • Complete all requirements to the Cristo Rey High School Christian Service Program.
  • Have no pending or outstanding discipline issues, including but not limited to unserved detention or suspension.
  • Return in good condition all materials and equipment, including but not limited to books, calculators and athletic uniforms.
  • Pay all tuition and fees, including but not limited to Work Study and athletic program fees.
  • Meet the attendance expectations as defined on pages 20 and 21 of the handbook.
  • Complete the Senior Check Out form with all required signatures.

Students who fail to meet any elements of these requirements will not receive a diploma and will not be allowed to participate in the baccalaureate liturgy or graduation ceremony.