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About Us

School Description

Cristo Rey High School is a Catholic, fully-accredited, college preparatory high school. We offer a focused curriculum designed to support students not only in being accepted to college (CRHSS meets the University of California requirements A-G) but in graduating from college. With parents as our partners, our goal is to educate the “whole person,” that is the mind, body and spirit of each student. We offer a challenging academic curriculum as well as opportunities for co-curricular, spiritual and religious formation.

Cristo Rey High School Sacramento is a member of The Cristo Rey Network®. Comprised of 37 schools across the United States, the Cristo Rey Network provides a quality, Catholic, college preparatory education to 13,000 urban young people who live in communities with limited educational options. Most of the students qualify for the federal free or reduced lunch program. All students who attend Cristo Rey schools pay approximately 60% of their own education costs through a unique work-study program that provides them with meaningful employment in the community for all four years of their high school experience.

Through partnerships with over 100 local businesses, including law firms, hospitals, government entities, and small businesses, our students work five full days per month providing entry-level skills to their employers. The money they earn through this work is applied directly to the cost of their education and gives them a real stake in their own educational success. This success was dramatically evidenced by our five graduating classes; 100% of our graduates were accepted to colleges and universities, with 74% accepted to a four year college or university.

Most of our students represent the first generation in their families to graduate from high school. Because of their limited education, the majority of our parents are at or below poverty level. This presents many families with a real challenge to their ability to pay the full tuition. With financial assistance, however, families are empowered to choose a quality private education that would otherwise be impossible for their child. By providing financial assistance to families in need, we play a key role in removing economic barriers to success in education and breaking the cycle of poverty.

Title One

Title One funds provide educational services and benefits to students who need extra academic work. Title One teachers work with students during the school day at no cost to the student. Students qualify for the funding based on which school district they live in, their grades in Math and Language and financial need. Title One classes are an important part of student success. Cristo Rey Administration expects family support for students enrolled in Title One classes.